God Save the Queen

If you’ve been wondering where we’ were yesterday, we were observing he bank holiday- because we needed a day off! Over here in England, we’ve had two days off to celebrate the Queen’s diamond jubilee. While not everyone may care about the Queen, we do care about having two days off work, and that’s enough to make us celebrate. This isn’t about some old lady, this is about being British, and being proud of it!

Enough unrelated bollocks from me- the whole thing got me thinking about the cool things that are going on over here in tattooing as well. If you’re in any way doubtful, take a look here– it’s a page dedicated to some of the best tattooers in the UK. There are bloody loads of tattooers on there! We have Valerie Vargas, we have Leigh Oldcorn, we have Nigel Kurt… see how cool we are. England is a really great place for tattooing right now.

We also have great people around tattooing who are proud to be British, like the wonderful Paul Sayce. Paul has been writing about tattoos for years and years, and has his own private museum. Then there’s Sally Feldt, editor in chief of Total Tattoo magazine, who has contributed to tattooing for years and is always a pleasant example of what we do here as writers.

We have some really amazing conventions too, especially the Real London Tattoo Convention (yeah, I’m going to call it that now for clarity), which takes place at Tobacco Dock every September. Known as one of the biggest and most respected conventions in the world, the show not only shows off the outstanding talent in this country, but from all over the world.

In all honesty, though, I can never think of ‘British tattooer’ without thinking of Lal Hardy. What a chap. Not only is Lal one of the best tattooers  tattooers in the world, he’s also really proud to be British. He’s always tattooing Union Jacks on people, or tattooing England’s footballers, whenever he isn’t sitting down with a good brew, like a real British bloke.

So, yeah, we’re supposed to be celebrating for two solid days because the Queen is old or something, whatever. I don’t know the Queen, so there’s only a certain amount of time I can spend being happy about her jubilee. For the rest of the time we have off work, let’s celebrate other things that we have to be proud of over here. Tattooing in the UK is something that is really cool, and very special. Now, I hope you guys enjoy your other day off, we’ll be back again tomorrow, back to normal!


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