Woman Gets Tattoo SHOCKER!

Women and tattoos isn’t exactly old news and it’s not exactly a secret. We all know that us ladies get and have tattoos, some more than others. Some designs are more accepted than others for women but everyone is different.

Now the point of this post links to an article I read this week (in the Daily Mail, please don’t judge, the gossip columns are addictive) about a 28 year old British woman who has spent the last 2 years and $2,000 and two trips to America, having a large phoenix tattooed on my bum and back.

Now for anyone with any serious interest in tattoos this is hardly news, in fact it happens all the time. A couple of trips to America for one tattoo is somewhat impressive but hardly newsworthy?

But this story seriously made it into a national newspaper. And with over 300 comments on the article, it was a well read piece.

Now to my point. Why is this news? Women have been getting tattoos for years, in fact CENTURIES. Some of the earliest tattoos date back to Ancient Egypt and were found on the mummies of women. These were thought to be talismans to protect during pregnancy and labour, and were found on the stomach or upper thighs.

So if the Ancient Egyptians had tattoos why is such a fuss made in the 21st  Century. Maybe it’s because the tattoos are getting bigger and designs more detailed and outlandish. Maybe it’s because we don’t need a reason to have a tattoo anymore. We can have them just because we want one. Or perhaps we have all become prudes? The Victorians wouldn’t allow women to expose their ankles, so are we still recovering from that and cannot move on enough to allow women to show their tattoos off too? Or it’s just that public opinion is stuck in the Stone Age and that someone can only be beautiful if they are pure, and untouched (by a needle, obviously) and that a tattoo ruins that
perfection and innocence.

Either way, people need to move with the times, and accept that tattoos are becoming more and more popular. And that a tattoo is not news, it is personal thing and an everyday occurrence, even for women, the only difference; we have boobs!!

Rachel spends her day chasing other people round the office, weekends shaking cocktails and the rest of the time looking at tattoos, reading and playing with the cat. 


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4 Responses to “Woman Gets Tattoo SHOCKER!”
  1. kidkimura says:

    I made the mistake of reading some of the comments on the article.

    Why people seem to feel the need to share their opinions on subjects they clearly had little to no knowledge of I don’t know.

    Silly people eh! I need to stop getting annoyed at stupid people on the internet. I can’t help it though, they are just SO STUPID!

    • Mel Noir says:

      Haha, I never read them myself. I think Rachel told me she read them as well though.

      Personally I don’t give a shit. When I get tattooed, I don’t think about what other people will think, so I’m sure as hell not going to start afterwards, haha.

      • kidkimura says:

        It’s weird that I let myself get annoyed by muppets on the Internet. If they were saying those things to my face I’d just make divvy faces until they stop talking.

        You definitely have the right attitude, and I clearly spend too much time online!

        • Mel Noir says:

          Well, to be honest, I used to get annoyed with stuff like that too. I also used to spend too much time online. Maybe those two things are more closely linked than we all thought? ;)

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