The Tight Stuff

Hey guys, I’m sorry for the lack of updates yesterday. I’ve been extremely busy this week. Here’s a cheeky weekend post though, and my last introduction to my new crew. This is by Rachel, who is too cool for school.


Tattoos are a form of self expression right? A very permanent one. And clothes are the younger, never illegal (though occasionally boycotted) and changeable version. So the middle version? Tattoo styled clothing.

Ed Hardy has to be the first real tattoo clothing outlet and has become a household name. Now other companies are joining the tattoo clothing band wagon. Take a look at Iron Fist, fairly new on the fashion scene, but the sell t-shirts, jumpers, dresses, handbags and possibly most importantly, shoes. If you love old school skulls and gypsy girls then this is the brand for you. They not only have their own online shop, but are stocked by the likes of, and just this month revealed their latest stockist to be high street chain Beales.

And these just scratch the surface of the tattoo take-over on the high street. Fashion has gone one step further into combining tattoos and clothing. Tattoo tights. Not so long ago we had tights which were designed to look like stockings, but without the discomfort of wearing a suspender belt, and the frustration of getting the damn thing off quickly when you need to pee. Now you can buy tights that look like you have tattoos.

Now maybe I’m old fashioned, but there’s dressing up and then there is dressing up. Drawing tattoos on your arms with a felt tip pen is slightly different to having a pair of tights that make you look like you have a sailor girl on you ankle and flowers going up your calves etched into your skin. is selling a pair for £10 (here). Primark have a pair which recreates an ivy leaf garter tattoo on your thigh are about £3. Just enough for a 15 year old to buy out of their pocket money. These will make passersby look twice, especially if you look young enough for them to be seriously questionable.

But perhaps they are a good thing. At least a pair of tights can be taken off. They aren’t permanent. And maybe they will teach people that you should think more carefully about having the real thing. Would you want that same pair of tight inked into you for the rest of your life?

Maybe it’s forcing kids to grow up too fast or maybe it’s just the 21st Century’s version of dress up? Either way, I need to get me a pair of those ASOS tights!

Rachel spends her day chasing other people round the office, weekends shaking cocktails and the rest of the time looking at tattoos, reading and playing with the cat. 

2 Responses to “The Tight Stuff”
    • Mel Noir says:

      Haha, bloody hell Matt, that is fantastic! Those shirts are better than some of the ones I see today, for sure. Thanks for sharing that mate, you always have something cool to show me.

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