Hello there, everyone! I have another member of my new team to introduce you all to. Rich is ridiculously cool, and has reviewed Durb Morrison’s new app for the Pint Sized Paintings for you guys today. We hope you like it!


So, Mel put me in touch with an app that I had never heard of before and completely made my day.
Durb Morrison’s Pint Size Paintings App is exactly what an app should be: easy to use, brilliant in content, and full of art.

At this point you may be thinking I sound more like a tech blogger and less of a tattoo enthusiast. Incorrect. I do however appreciate something that is so practical to keep in your pocket, but be able to whip out at the drop of a hat and show wonderful art. Made with the pretence of having an entire art gallery in your pocket, this series of images are created to give the desired effect.

When you first tap in to the app, which is free by the way, you sometimes fail to see the wonderful little display easel that the paintings are displayed on, this for me is a great touch, and helps the overall feel of the app.

Including great pieces from Durb himself, Guy Aitchison, Big Gus and a whole host of unbelievably talented artists, you have your own little nugget of excellence when you feel a little creatively starved. Taking inspiration from many different areas of not only the world of tattooing but the world of art in general many of the masterpieces included in this app harken back to traditional “genres” as it were, within the first two pictures if you were to select all artists you a dragon in the ilk of Japanese tattooing. Whilst flicking through the pictures I also saw examples of realism, traditional tattooing, biomechanical, and textures of the world. It is sometimes refreshing to see some art that does not conform to the conventions of tattooing, and to see every little brushstroke even through the screen of the phone is somewhat liberating. Don’t get me wrong, I love traditional tattooing, all my tattoos are traditional, but to have flowing lines and brushstrokes that don’t conform is a wonderful thing, and you can see the direct influences on the trend of no-outline portraits around at the moment.

My favourite feature about this piece is the idea that you can share any images you see fit in one fell swoop (metaphorically speaking, you’re actually just touching the screen). The beautiful thing about this app is the paintings aren’t just big paintings scaled down, these are actually mini paintings created for this purpose entirely, which too me is a stroke of genius.
This is a great little app if you have an iPhone/iPod/iPad and you like to have some art in your iLife, and I would definitely recommend it

Go and pick up “Pint Size Paintings” for free on the App store, enjoy!


Rich Jones spends his time getting great tattoos and learning Journalism and Media, which he’s going to ace a degree in, in September. When he isn’t having needles stuck in him or writing long words, he loves rugby and music.

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