Tattooist of the Old School.

Ha, a lot of people look at that and wonder, “What does that mean, the old school?” “What do you, are you proud to be what you are?” Ah, I’m just proud that I, ah, i was able to, in the past, carry on the oldest art in the world. And try to keep it decent, because I’m not going to be here the whole time, and I hope that somebody, I got it from a good man, so maybe some day, somebody will look at them little daisies growing over me and say, “Well, he, ah, he didn’t, he didn’t butcher it up anyway. He carried it on, it’s handed down anyway, you know. you don’t find this on every street corner. No.

Stoney St. Clair

I have absolutely no idea why no one ever told me this, but there’s an astounding short film on Stoney St. Clair, one of the greatest tattooers pretty much ever.

In case you didn’t know- Stoney was well known all over the world, not just for his work but his personality and good humour. He was also well known because he happened to have rheumatoid arthritis, yet still put together tattooers light-years better than some people who’ve come after him.

The short film is basically an extended interview, where Stoney tattoos some customers, talks about his life as a tattooer, and invites Ed Hardy to see some race cars. He tattoos a pretty awesome rat on Ed, too.

So yeah, the video can be seen by clicking here!

Here’s a short YouTube preview, too:

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