Oh Great, Tattoo School is Back

Hey, remember what a great show TLC’s Tattoo School was? Yeah, me neither, it was dogshit. For some stupid reason, though, TLC have now decided to make the one-off show into an actual series.

The series will be in a reality TV game show style format (no, really), where wannabe tattooers will be given two weeks to learn how to tattoo. Two weeks? You can’t teach some people how to count to ten in that time.

Just to piss you off some more, click on the image below for a video:


I’d like to think I have a lot of empathy for people, but whoever is getting tattooed in this clip doesn’t get any sympathy for me. That’s what you get for getting a tattoo on Tattoo School.

The winner, if you can call them that, gets a ‘golden tattoo gun’, which will last throughout their career- which actually sounds about right, to be honest with you.

The last time Tattoo School aired, I wrote a massive post for anyone who read it, then wanted to try their luck. There’s information in that on the things you can do to prevent this bullshit, and there’s some cool things from other sources and tattooers. You can read that here.

Just like the last time, I will let Jack Rudy sum this shit up:

I think this new tattoo school show that TLC is about to launch is the biggest bunch of bullshit I have ever heard in my 36 years of tattooing. I guess it’s not bad enough that tens of thousands of unqualified, untutored, “wanna be” tattooers have flooded this industry largely due to the bullshit tattoo shows that have already been on TV for years, because they inadvertently encourage people to get in to tattooing by making it look infinitely easier than it actually is.

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