In Photos: The Liverpool Tattoo Convention

I’m pretty bummed out that I had to miss this year’s Liverpool convention, due to saving up for a new place. It sounds like everyone had a really great time. There were some amazing tattooers there, the Star Boards convention, and some great bands, among other things. Thankfully, I have some pictures to show you, with thanks to UK Top Tattoo Artists and Caz George!

UK Top Tattoo Artists is a really cool page on Facebook, by the way. It shows on it some of the best work we have to offer over here. There’s always room for more, of course, so you should get over there and have a look. You might find your next tattooer in there.

The convention pictures are from UK Top Tattoo Artists, and you can see the whole lot here.

The pictures of the band Urban Voodoo Machine are from Caz, and they can all be seen here (but it may be friends only!).

I may also have some more pictures from my buddy Fenella tomorrow, which I’ll share here. If I do, I’ll put a post on our Facebook page so you know.

Without further ado…

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