Total Tattoo, TAM and Dimitri HK on your Phone!

Those of you who read this blog know I’m a little bit obsessed with using my phone. What can I say, I use the bus a lot! Nothing makes those long bus journeys fly by like some great music and apps to occupy myself with. Today, I’ve found three more really great tattoo apps for you guys.


Total Tattoo Magazine


Fuck yeah! You can now get Total Tattoo magazine on your phone in the Newsstand app! This is really great for you guys who would love to read the magazine but don’t live somewhere near a newsagents that can stock it. Now, when I ask you, “hey, did you read mine and Matt’s column?”, you have no excuse, haha. The app itself is free, and from there you can buy digital copies of each issue. The digital copies are cheaper than the printed ones, so it’s good for you cheapskates as well.

Tattoo Artist Magazine


This app is pretty cool, it focuses more on the TAM blog than the magazine itself, which I really love. This app holds in it the blog itself, in a lovely mobile format, but it also has a directory for tattoo studios, which you can use with location based services (don’t forget to check the portfolios, still!), and easy links to their online social networking pages. Look, apart from the directory, this is nothing you can’t already access online for free. However, the app is less than 2GBP, and it’s a great way to show your support.

Dimitri HK


Finally, an online sketchbook again! I’m really liking this format for sketchbooks at the minute with iPhone apps. I’m hoping that some other tattooers make them, too. This one is from Dimitri HK, who is a really amazing tattooer. It shows his work, the sketchbook itself and some other cool bits and pieces, and I really love it. This one will definitely make the bus journeys fly. I can’t remember how much I paid for this one, but the iTunes website says $1.99 for America, if that helps.

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