UK Industry Awards: Voting Ends Midnight!

Happy St. George’s Day, everyone! There’s no better day to celebrate being English than giving some serious props to tattooers, magazines and photographers in England and our surrounding countries in the UK.

Tonight, the UK Industry Awards, hosted by the Liverpool Tattoo Convention, will close its votes for the winners.

I hate to be biased, but if you gave a vote to Total Tattoo Magazine, Tattoo.TV (yeah, I used to work there! It was great!), and my pals who contribute to them both, I will forever think you’re cool and will let you in my shelter when the world finally explodes. Plus, I think it would be cool if Sally Feldt got one of these things, since she stopped being the editor of Total Tattoo recently, and it would be nice to end that on a high.

Anyway, here are the nominees:

Best Tattoo Journalist
Neil Dalleywater
James Sandercock
Trent Aitken Smith
Sally Feldt
Travelin Mick

Best Tattoo Photographer
Al Overdrive
James Sandercock
Katriona MacIntosh
Andy Heather

Best UK Tattoo Publication
Tattoo Revolution
Tattoos Only
Total Tattoo
Skin Shots
Skin Deep

Best International Tattoo Publication
Tattoo Life
Tattoo Savage
Tattoo Artist Magazine

Best Online Tattoo Resource

Peoples Choice Best UK Male Artist
David Corden
Mat Oddboy Barrett
Chris Jones
Leigh Oldcorn
Mark Bailey

Peoples Choice Best UK Female Artist
Leah Moule
Emma Kierzek
Amanda Ruby
Kerry Anne Richardson
Lianne Moule

Peoples Choice Best International Male Artist
Kyle Cotterman
Tanane Whitfield
Nikko Hurtado
Jeff Gogue

Peoples Choice Best International Female Artist
Liz Cook
Claire Reid
Laraine Carkhuff
Kelly Dotty
Hannah Aitchison


If you don’t vote, you have no business whinging when someone you think is a tool wins an award. Get to it- you have two and a half hours before the time runs out.

Click here to vote.

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