The First Teeside Convention: This September!

Up here in the North East, we have one convention, which is the Peterlee show in March. Now, suddenly, we have one in September as well. Brilliant!

Mark Bester is organising a show in Teeside, with Ian Richardson, and it looks like it will be really cool. It’ll be another small show, which rocks. Smaller shows are really great, especially near a time when the one and only London Tattoo Convention is also happening (so we can afford to go to both!).

From Mark’s facebook page:

So its official along with my friend Mr Ian Richardson!we are running a small tattoo Convention in Teeside!!Ian suffered a great loss last year loosing his wife an daughter in a tragic car accident.He’s since been an inspiration in dealing with grief by constantly doing charity work for his charity, The Jo an Mya Memorial fund.Ian also found comfort in getting his first tattoos to remember his lost ones.Since then we’ve become great friends an I can see the opportunity to help him within our trade!the show will be on Sunday 9th september 2012!so if your interested in helping by working the show, or any other ideas people have don’t hesitate to contact me!this will be run as a normal show with competitions, charity auction,entertainment and other cool stuff going on!all money from the door fees will go straight to the charity!We are in the early stages and some more official paperwork will follow,so inbox me or ring my studio for more detail016420 788045 an thanks everyone!!!!

So lads and lasses, if you’re interested, you know what to do! I’ll keep you guys updated with any developments with this.


(Cover photo is a tattoo by Mark Bester himself- simply because, let’s face it, it’d be impossible to have a cover photo of the convention itself right now!).

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