Hell City: The Documentary

I’d been waiting for the trailer for this thing to come out before showing it to you, and without realising, it came out on the 14th. Whoops, sorry about that.

Anyway, I have some cool news: Hell City, one of the best tattoo conventions in the world, now has a documentary about the whole convention, by Russell Dornhecker. As I said, the trailer is now out, and it looks absolutely astounding. Hell City is one of those conventions, much like London (the REAL London convention) or Rites of Passage (in Melbourne, Australia), that is very well respected in the tattoo industry. It’s always a huge deal, because it’s a convention which is run so well and has such incredible tattooers there. It’s always run extremely well, and it involves people who genuinely care about tattooing and all that goes with it.

At a time where there seems to be at least one rubbish convention a week, it makes sense to support the best conventions, ran by people who care about something other than money, involving tattooers who aren’t desperate for any attention.

The trailer is ridiculously exciting, and is below. There is also a website, which you can find here, though at the moment it is re-directing to the YouTube video. I think at some point there may be a bigger website, but for now the trailer is more than enough. Enjoy!

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