Who Owns Your Tattoo?

In my DVD collection right now is the Hangover II. I still haven’t seen it. I know, I suck. The Hangover II always reminds me of Marisa over at Needles and Sins, and her fascinated interest with the dramatics between the film’s makers and Mike Tyson’s tattooer.

Honestly, you read that. Go on, you can read it again to make sure. You can read this if you want, and get up to speed as well.

Anyway, Marisa wrote a really cool article for Inked magazine that I saw on their Newsstand app here the other week, and now it’s online for free. It’s a pretty good read, and it makes you feel smart while you read it. It also raises some questions. Who owns the tattoos on your skin? If someone copies your tattoo, does anything happen next? What about if someone copies it to put in a film? It’s not really something we have to think about all the time, but it’s something to get the cogs in your head going.

I know that this is the second time this week that I’m putting up a link to something cool on another website, but all I’ve really seen this week from many places is all that boring Friday 13th stuff. Plus, Marisa is cool and her articles around this stuff make me actually interested in the law.

Click here to see the article in full.

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