This is Not Tattooing.

This post is not about tattooing. Not even in the slightest. I won’t do it again, promise.

Lately, I’ve been hearing far too much crap around which people around tattooing don’t get along. It’s mainly writers, editors, and a few select tattooers. I’ve written about it as little as I could here, but it doesn’t stop it from growing.

Last week another argument around the whole Neil Dalleywater/ Stuart Mears/ Alex Guest crap came around, and has caused me headaches! I’m not posting up any links here, simply because there is only two thirds of the story available, and I want to be fair. Even if it goes against people I’m friends with, I’m fair.

Part of that is because I don’t care.

Look, I’ll get to the point: I want to make it clear that from now on, this website is a no freakin’ biff zone. Until the day that all of this has any effect whatsoever on what my friends do for a living, I don’t care about your goddamn politics. This website is off-limits for any of that crap, this is a website about tattoos, not about who is popular.

Again, part of this is because I don’t care.

Out of you guys who read this who I’ve spoken to, I know I’m lucky to have really good readers who are smart and hilarious and are here because they want to see great things. I know you don’t come here to see silly men argue.

So, pals! Shall we get back on track? Some Cris Cleen news is on the way, after I’ve had a smoke and continued to not care. Thanks, guys.

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