UK Top Tattoo Artists: The Charity Sketchbook

Chris Leonard Hall is a man on a mission at the moment. After starting a Facebook group for top tattooers in the UK, he’s now set his sights on a charity sketchbook, which will give money to the Dove House Hospice. It’s already shaping up to be a really great sketchbook, which is evident with the tattooers who are involved. Really great guys like Lal Hardy, Leah Moule and Jason Butcher are involved, as well as some other great names. From Chris:

Artists in the book, Leah Moule, Chris Harrison, Mat Lapping, Craig Wilson, Chris Jones, Jason Butcher, Lianne Moule, Colin Jones, Rich Warburton, Marcus Maguire, Gray Silva, Lal Hardy, Paul Naylor, Mark Bester & Andy Walker (More may be added in next week) grab it whilst its hot – once its gone, its gone.

The sketchbook is 30 GBP, and will have an extremely limited run of 50 copies, and in order to get one you’ll have to contact Chris himself. You can do so either through a Facebook message here, or an email here.

This is really cool, especially since it’s in aid of charity, so I’d like to wish Chris and the tattooers involved the best of luck.

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  2. […] Chris Hall’s charity sketchbook made its début last year, and it was a really great way to spend 30 quid. I bought one of these from Chris, and really enjoyed it. This year will see its return! Click here for the full post. […]

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