Total Tattoo: Out Now!

Hey guys, sorry I have been away most of this week, I’ve been really unwell! Boo! If you really do have a hole in your life to fill now (all two of you!), then at least you may be happy to know that you can fill it with this month’s copy of Total Tattoo magazine.

It’s just come out, and it is really awesome. Inside is a look at Nick Baldwin’s work, an exclusive preview of Horiyoshi III’s exhibition in London, and yours truly talking shite for another month. There is lots of convention coverage if you like that, and two really great competitions where you can win convention tickets and Total Tattoo loot.

If you buy this issue from Asda, WHSmith or through subscription, you will also receive an additional supplement called Total Tattoo Masterpieces. I have one here, it rules. Inside is work by Henning Jorgensen, Jesse Smith and Andy Engel, among other incredible tattooers. There are pages in this that I would actually frame.

So, yes, Total Tattoo magazine: it’s out now so buy it.

Click here for your nearest stockist.

2 Responses to “Total Tattoo: Out Now!”
  1. Darren Brundell says:

    Hi Mel,

    I have been asked so send a few copies of Total Tattoo Masterpeices to an old friend in Japan. Can you buy this on its own from anywhere ?


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