Danielle Rose is Awesome.

I’ve been waiting for a no-news-day so I can show you some cool things from Danielle Rose. Through a great coincidence, I’ve caught up to this straight after she’s done three conventions in a row and did amazing work while she was there.

Danielle works at Inkredible Kreations in Perth, with Gary Weidenhof, and although she hasn’t been tattooing for very long she’s already really popular.

Her traditional style portraits are what really sets her above her peers. It’s all been done before, but it’s still undeniably her own work. That’s something tattooers her age seem to be struggling with lately!

Anyway, I think that she really rocks, an you should too. Here’s some work she did over the past three weekends, which I hope she doesn’t mind me sharing. Click here to check out her portfolio!





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