There’s a Dick Joke in there somewhere…

Today I’ve been seeing tattooers go mental over this art supplies shop called Dick Blick. Apparently, Dick Blick thinks it’s okay to start selling tattoo ink to any idiot over the age of 18. It’s not even good tattoo ink, it’s Skin Candy (which I hear is the dog turd of tattoo ink). Not that it makes a difference whether it’s good or bad ink.

I’m not going to lie, since I don’t live in America, I had no idea what Dick Blick is. Apparently it’s like WHSmith, but geared more towards art supplies then Filofaxes. I can already imagine the uproar in the UK if WHSmith did this.

From Paul Booth’s Facebook page:

“RANT: So Dick Blick is now going to carry “skin candy” tattoo ink and I think that’s BullShit. Tattoo ink shouldn’t be on art store shelves where they can be tampered with or avail for impulse shoppers who just watched a reality tattoo tv show. These are regulated products and also last time I checked… Ethics don’t come in a bottle. I don’t expect Dick Blick art store to give a shit but they and “skin candy” can go fcuk themselves. Pass it on if you care about our industry..

Says it all!

I did some rooting around on the Dick Blick website, and I laughed when I saw this:

P.P.S: Dick Blick Art Materials has always been a leader in informing consumers about health and safety issues. See our special section on Health and Safety.

Yeah, of course I clicked on ‘Health and Safety’. It made me laugh more:

Fullscreen capture 28032012 194033.bmp

Anyway, there are loads of really great tattooers who want you to get off your arse and make Dick Blick aware of your anger, if you feel compelled to do so.

There are two boycott pages on Facebook, here and here. There is also a page here where you can voice your concerns to Dick Blick themselves.

If it’s helpful, Tattoo Artists against the Blick Dicks also posted this:

I called the customer service number that we provided and the lady said they could not confirm the inventory in retail stores. She said I would have to call the retail store. The retail store manager confirmed that they will be carrying tattoo ink and that they will only be requiring you to be 18 to purchase. The manager said he is not happy about this at all. He was a super nice guy and gave me a few names at the top of the Dick Blick food chain that we can contact to voice our displeasure. He was also planning on emailing to voice his concerns! He suggested that when emailing Customer Service, you request that they forward your email to:
CEO: Bob Buchsbaum
Retail President: Ed O’Gorzley

Well, there’s everything I know, I think. This is something I’ve been seeing tattooers post about today, and I think their opinions are a lot more relevant to mine, so there was no way I wasn’t going to post about this.


(Header picture: generic inks photo from here)

10 Responses to “There’s a Dick Joke in there somewhere…”
  1. kidkimura says:

    Ah so that’s what Dick Blick is! I saw it all kicking off on Instagram but assumed they were a tattoo supply company. Not cool at all.

  2. warner says:

    considering the people who are going to buy this ink isn’t it better they buy an ink made for tattooing then buy a bunch of pens for thier home made crud . the shops seem to be mad about this but what its going to do is either add diversity to the market or give them a boost in customers needing cover ups for the basement job somebody got done . its funny how an industry that promotes individuality and free expression hates it when the person doing it doesn’t go to them to have it done im just saying that idiots willing to get a tat from a stranger in a kitchen with out proper equipment dont care where the ink came from or if the needle was changed since the last person and if want the good ink and equipment its not that hard to order any of it from the back of a mag or off the net not like they check that hard if your a legitmate shop

    • Tbone says:

      having proper equipment doesnt mean you will be good at tattooing….making the proper equipment available to scratchers is only gonna help the scratcher give his/her customer a false sense of security… helps the scratcher and hurts the professional that went through the proper channels to be what they are…and btw more cover-up business is not what we are looking for…..awarness is what we need….I dont wanna fix shitty tattoos…I wanna do it right for you the first a nut shell its a health and safety concern.

      • Mel Noir says:

        +1 for Tbone.

        Warner, if I punched my fist through your arsehole and ripped out your intestines, you wouldn’t care whether I was wearing gloves or not. Stop being a disgusting tramp, son. And stop making excuses for other tramps who get tattooed in dirty kitchens.

  3. martin says:

    There’s plenty of “legitimate” and WELL respected tattoo artists that taught themselves and started “in the kitchen” but when their story is told everyone just applauds it… So what are “the right channels”? If its in someones heart and it’s their goal they should do everything they can. I have no desire to be a tattoo artist and I don’t necessarily agree with blick selling tattoo ink… But I applaud anyone that drives forward to achieve their dreams

    • Mel Noir says:

      I see this argument all the time, and it isn’t even true. Loads of tattooers who started out this way (long before there was a tattoo studio on every bloody corner) just did what they had to, it’s not that people applaud what they did. Anyone who thinks those tattooers did that all on their own are wrong, anyway. Ask any tattooer that had to start out that way, I bet they’ll start to tell you about the great people who gave them a chance and helped them along. I think your idea of goals and dreams are nice, but a little too romantic compared to what happens in the real world.

  4. august says:

    Before calling my ink shit maybe you should try it, it’s actually Bloodline inks and its a far cry from the old Skincandy, ITS AS GOOD OR BETTER THAN ANY INK OUT THERE! We have a team of artists to prove it. you have to show a tattooing license before you can purchase it at blick stores.

    • Mel Noir says:

      Hey, I only said that I heard it’s the dog shit of tattoo ink. I heard that from some pretty well respected tattooers.
      License or not though, you’re selling it at Blick of all places. I don’t think the guy making the ink that really is better than any ink out there has to do that.
      But hey, each to their own, eh?

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