You’re Owed Nothing.

Tattooed ladies and gentlemen, we have to talk. I love all your faces, but sometimes your attitudes absolutely stink when it comes to how much you expect tattooers to grovel at your goddamn feet. I’ve seen this a fair few times, but today made me irritated enough to actually put pen to paper- or at least finger to keyboard.

Today I genuinely saw this on my Facebook feed:

I have a few hours free today, who wants to tattoo me? Inbox me ASAP as I am a fucking pleb.

-Biff of the Week (slightly edited?)

Wow, I bet every tattooer nearby was ready to fight for the complete and utter privilege to tattoo this guy. I bet he is so goddamn cool, to have so many people want to tattoo him, they must really benefit from being able to say, “I tattooed Biff of the Week”.

Honestly, this is something that I see a lot of, as a lot of my friends are tattooers. I see loads of people come into their studio and act as if they are doing their tattoo a favour by giving them work to do. I see them try to move their appointments around their hectic latte drinking lifestyle and get pissy when they lose their deposits. I see them give attitude over how much a great tattoo costs.

If a tattooer is good enough, they don’t need your money. It’s nice, but they won’t be begging for it. This is something that my friends work ridiculously hard to achieve, and it’s what feeds their kids. They do not need some Johnny Cool Dude flouncing into their place of work, pretentiously acting as if they’re throwing some pennies to the poor by letting them tattoo you.

There are few industries where this kind of thing happens, but can we leave the fucking attitudes at home when it comes to tattooing? It grinds my gears, and I’m just these tattooers’ geeky friend. Stop acting so privileged, and just get a cool tattoo. No one’s making you.

2 Responses to “You’re Owed Nothing.”
  1. MRG2U says:

    Substitue tattoo artist for musician, not all , but a lot. same thing.

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