Video: The Bristol Tattoo Club and Milton Zeis

I can’t remember which of my friends posted this video on YouTube (feel free to come forward!) but I had to share it with you. British Pathe has a really great short video of the Bristol Tattoo Club from 1954.

If you’re not sure what the Bristol Tattoo Club is, click here and get learning. Thank me later.

I really love old videos like this, and I couldn’t wait to share it. If you click through to the link it’s from here, you can search for other tattoo related clips. I found some but I couldn’t get the sound to work- crap!

Please find below the video:

-Taken from YouTube, as I can’t embed from British Pathe!


While we’re on the subject of videos, a promo trailer for the Milton Zeis book is out, and I’m genuinely excited. I’ll probably write more about this book closer to the time but, once again, I couldn’t help but share this.

I first heard about this book when Thomas Morgan told me he was involved, and it feels like it’s been a long wait since. The book is about Milton Zeis, his life and work, and also 95 tattooers have re-painted some of most incredible sheets to have come from The Zeis studio.

Below is the video for that. I would also recommend clicking here to see more information.

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  1. […] case you missed it last time, here’s the awesome video that gives you a feel for what the book is aiming […]

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