Eckel to leave Conspiracy Inc!

Oh dear, what a sad day- I’ve only just found out that Eckel will be leaving Conspiracy Inc.! Yes, this how far behind I am at the moment.

Eckel as been at Conspiracy Inc. in Copenhagen for ages now, however he’s now ready to once again spread his wings and work somewhere else. From the Conspiracy Inc. blog (which rocks, by the way):

“i will leave denmark for good in may, therefore i wont take on new clients.

people with ongoing projects should get in contact with me as soon as possible.i will hopefully come back once in a while to keep in touch with allan and amalie(and lucifer,of course!)so in case stuff needs some finishing,there will be another chance later on.

i will announce me next destination on here in a few months,,but i have a long summer travelling ahead,and that will give me time to figure out where to go.

thanks to everybody who made my time in denmark a life changing are the best.”

As sad as it is to see Eckel go, I’m rather excited to see where he ends up soon. Good luck with wherever that is, Eckel!

2 Responses to “Eckel to leave Conspiracy Inc!”
  1. flora amalie says:

    Thanks for posting that for Eckel! It’s Conspiracy Inc. with a C though :)

    • Mel Noir says:

      Crap, I usually manage to stop myself from posting it with a K! Dropped the ball on this one though, haha, I’ll change it now. Thanks for pointing that out! ;)

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