Yes Sir, we can Facebook.

Facebook has changed the layouts for their pages now, which meant I had to get off my arse and change it. Grumble grumble grumble. However, it does mean that there are some new things going on over there, if you just have to get your daily fix.

Firstly, I’ve sorted out a cool thing with that “cover page” bullcrap. From now on, we’ll have a new picture up there each month for the world to see. This month, the incredible Rat has offered up his great picture of him tattooing a collaborative piece he did with Lee Piercy last year.


Want your photo up there next month? Drop me a line at the usual address.

As for everything else, I’ll be getting my geek on to put up there bits and pieces you won’t normally find here, photos from conventions and loads of submissions from your lovely selves.

If you want to be part of the party, head on down to here and click ‘like’.


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