Chris Jones’ Teeth are Looking at Me.

I don’t know how many of you have had your lunch in a tattoo studio, but it normally consists of crappy fast food in the reception or a few sneaky cakes before you go on to the next job. For Chris Jones, it’s another story.

Chris, who owns Physical Graffiti in Wales, brightened my day on Sunday by appearing on Come Dine with Me. No, seriously. If you’re not aware, Come Dine With Me is a TV show where people host dinner parties, then judge (or more realistically, bitch about) how well they went. And Chris was on it.

God help us all.

Chris hosted his party in his tattoo studio, and had a rootin’ tootin’ hillbilly party, complete with bails of hay to sit on, fancy dress and some finger lickin’ cuisine. I don’t even know how long it took to get the studio sterile again with those bails of hay. Or how long it took to change the shocked faces of the other contestants.

If you’re in need of a fair few giggles, grab some good food, gather round your computer and remember that ‘things taste much better without their poop chute’.

Click here to watch the show.

One Response to “Chris Jones’ Teeth are Looking at Me.”
  1. LudeKrs says:

    I’m curious as to what exactly is done to Chris Jones teeth? In a spoof on Epic Ink,it shows Jones at the Dentist where he opens his mouth and the DDS screams in horror! It appears that both the tops & bottoms of the front 6 teeth are capped in silver but lined & faded w black shading,like his gums are tatted in black & the silver caps have black shading. Initially at a glance I thought he just had a lot of staining or like some countries they just don’t put a lot of effort into brushing,don’t get me wrong I think his teeth are bad azz! They def fit his style & personality but I need to know,does he have black accents fading onto the silver caps&dark black outlines,intentionally done around each tooth? Its like eye liner around a dark smokey eye or something. Thanks to anyone that has the answer! LudeKrs

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