Alan’s Adventures at the Tea Party.

Our good friend Alan Aldred has shared some more of his adventures, this time at the Tattoo Tea Party, which took place over the past weekend. Thankfully this time there were no fuck ups with the hotels. Alan’s experience of the convention takes place behind the Cosmic Tattoo booth, so this page is therefore decorated at the end with photos of the tattoos the guys did over the weekend. Thanks again Alan, you rule!

I’d never worked a tattoo convention before but all that changed in the past few days! Waking up at 6am on Friday wasn’t exactly my idea of a good time but that’s how things go when you wanna set off early!

Four hours of driving and some Krispie Kreme donuts later and we arrive at Event City. Get signed in and set up the Cosmic Tattoo booth, the whole shop was there Leigh Oldcorn, Sim Abbott, Pinky Darling and Me! Now I hadn’t been feeling nervous at all up until this point, then it hit me.
Thankfully we headed back to the hotel for dinner and gently settled into the weekends drinking!

Saturday morning rolls around,off to breakfast and then down to event city for the first day of the Tattoo Tea Party. People started flowing in and I started tattooing my customer for the weekend Poppy. I was surprised how quickly you get used to the sheer number of people walking past, after an hour or two I really didn’t notice it. Nine hours later I’ve finished tattooing for Saturday! Poppy sat like a champ but there was still more to do on her piece Sunday!

Saturday night obviously involved a little more drinking!

Check out of the hotel Sunday morning load everything up into our cars for a hasty journey home Sunday evening and back to event city to carry on tattooing! Sunday went pretty quick, tattooed Poppy for about three hours to finish off her piece and then chilled! Chatted to friends old and new and just took it all in!

Overall a really well put together convention and I’m looking forward to next years show!

Congrats to Neil and everyone involved for an awesome show!

Alan “A-dawg” Aldred

(Header photo by Richard Collin Tony Smith)

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