Size Matters: Total Tattoo out now.

The new issue of Total Tattoo magazine is out today, and it’s the biggest issue they’ve ever had. Awesome!

There’s all the usual stuff you normally expect from the magazine, incuding coverage of the Brighton and Zwickau conventions, and features on Brendan Mudd and Kristel Oreto. There’s a wonderful piece by Patrick Hüttlinger, too. You will also see some cool features from friends of Tattoosday UK, including a really great piece on The Great Omi by Paul Sayce, and a five page spread from Alan Aldred. Matt Lodder takes the reigns this month in the column we share, and there are loads of pictures of some great tattoos that have been sent in.

Shit, if I was in this month, it’d be the best issue ever. ;)

Anyway, the magazine is out now, and it is in most major newsagents. Cool people subscribe and therefore received theirs yesterday. Get on it!

Oh, and to save wandering around WHSmith in a daze, this is what you’re looking for:


One Response to “Size Matters: Total Tattoo out now.”
  1. Melissa says:

    Pictures can be seen of Kristel Oretos work at

    I made the mistake of booking a coverup up appointment with Kristel Oreto when she was at Ceremony Tattoo Society. After a million emails back and forth and her booking a show the same day she offered for my original appointment I finally secured a date. She gave me no other option except a Friday, so I took off work and to Philly I went. Kristel was cold as ice, drew up something other than what we discussed, but she was the artist so I wanted her to be creative.
    After 4 hours of her tattooing she said she was finally done. I expressed I wanted the whole mandala colored and she said I could come back for her to finish it. Kristel explained her aftercare methods which were H2Ocean Soap, Saran Wrap and nothing oil based. She uses Eternal Ink which is apparently water based – Kristel says oil and water don’t mix. So you are to keep washing off plasma and put the H2Ocean on.
    I had nothing but issues during the healing process. I contacted Kristel several times expressing my concerns with pictures and she kept saying everything was normal. Kristel stopped answering emails and instead had an guy Eric answering me then an apprentice named Robert. All Robert kept saying is the issues I was having were my fault an I should have compassion for Kristel. I have contacted her via email and the two addresses she has emailed me from and through social media. Not one response.
    Kristel tattooed me so deeply that I was left with horrible scaring and blowout issues. My entire thigh looks like a giant bruise from all the ink bleeding out under the skin. Blowouts aren’t from aftercare. They are from the “artist”. Kristel has never, ever tried to remedy the problem, has never contacted me and at the very least has never even apologized.
    I went to several artists in the area throughout the healing process who all agreed that she mutilated my skin and it looked like it went through a meat grinder. My only option at this point is to attempt laser removal, which is not guaranteed.
    Also be forewarned that Kristel plays games with pricing. She quoted me a price based on a bigger tattoo with more detail. She said the deposit comes off the final price. She did a tattoo that was smaller, less detail and charged me more money and didn’t take the deposit off at the end.
    Shame on you Kristel. Customers are what create your reputation and it is how you make money. Not taking care of the people who trust you to give them something beautiful is nothing but stealing. Blocking me on Social Media instead of resolving the issue was the wrong thing to do.

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