Get the Horiyoshi III app now

I know I’ve already mentioned an iPhone app this week, but I found this one and I knew you guys would really love it.

Horiyoshi III has his own iPhone app now, which is absolutely fantastic. The app shows off his work, the Yakohama Tattoo Museum, and some information about the man himself. It’s a really great glimpse into his work, and is wonderful to use and look at. The pictures look absolutely fantastic on a retina screen device, too.

It’s mainly pictures of Horiyoshi III’s work, which you can also download from the app to use as a wallpaper for your phone or send to your friends to share his work. It’s also a great reference for those times when you have to say, “a hanya mask? Like this one?”, when you’re talking tattoos, since it’s right there in your pocket.

If you’re a fan of Horiyoshi III’s work, I should warn you that you’re probably going to give this app quite a lot of your time if you download it. I spent almost an hour looking though everything, and it’s a pleasure to use. I actually wish more tattooers of Horiyoshi III’s standard had something like this. Sketchbooks are great, but having something fun like this is more of a treat than I expected.

I would recommend downloading this app. You can get it here in iTunes, and it is worth the $4.99.


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