Hardy’s Not Gonna Like This…

I’m a real geek sometimes, especially when it comes to what kind of new toy I can make from my iPhone. Having a look at some new apps in iTunes, I came across this new one I’d never seen before…

Tattoo Times?! Like Tattoo Time? Excellent! Here, take my money, let me download this.

I should have known it was a waste of money. Well, I should have read the description properly, really. Look, I need to say, it should be some kind of punishable offence now to try to steal the names ‘Tattoo Time’, ‘Tattoo Times’ or ‘anything from Ed Hardy.

The punishment should be worse when the app isn’t even that great. The news stories in it include “Tattoo Law in Virginia”, “Illegal Tattoo Parties” and “No Tattoos for Cops?”. Boring. We’ve all seen that before. We just haven’t paid for the privilege before this.

There are some good things to this app, to be honest. The tattooers interviewed on it so far include Nick Baxter, Tony Ciavarro and Kyle Cotterman. Even the incomplete conventions list is fairly handy to have around. At a push, the videos on it might cheer me up on the bus when I can’t be bothered to go to work. Overall, however, the app is lazy, and isn’t any different to anything else we’ve all seen before.

This has taught me an important lesson in reading descriptions on digital media before I pay for it! However, it does mean that I can give everyone else a heads up as well- this app may get better, but for now, I wouldn’t spend money on it, to be honest.

Also, did I say Tattoo Times is a terrible rip off name?

Click here to see the app in the iTunes store.

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