New Prints from Electric Pick!

Electric Pick is awesome, let’s face it. If you’re anything like me, you’ve been wanting some work from him for what feels like forever. Nick has always had work available in prints for those of us who still haven’t had the chance to be tattooed by him, and now he has another really amazing print for you all. From the Conspiracy Inc. blog:

First set is of a limited run of 50
pretty sweet matte yet untextured super paper
size: A3 (11″ 3/4 x 16″ 1/2 for you non-metric folks)
Hand signed and numbered and as usual will never be printed again.
Second set is of a limited run of 10
also pretty sweet yet different matte/fancy smooth paper
size: A2 (16″ 1/2 x 23″ 1/2)
Also hand signed/numbered”
The big one, A2 is 500 dkr and the small one, A3 is 230 dk.
There are 20 left of the A3 and only 4 of the A2.
And did we mention they’re hand signed and numbered?


I’d recommend snapping up one of these bad lads as soon as possible, before they run out. Click here to go to the Conspiracy Inc. blog to buy one for yourself.

Now, where is my shitting debit card?

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