A Special Deal for you.

If you guys like what I write, then you’ll know you can catch me every two months in Total Tattoo magazine. If you’re a cheapskate like my auntie, you probably read the column then put the magazine back on the shelf, but if you’re massively cool you’ll buy it. Because of the costs involved in making a magazine, some of them can be expensive! Thankfully, Total Tattoo is having a special deal on subscriptions today and tomorrow. From the Facebook page:

SPECIAL OFFER! Save money on your copies of Total Tattoo and get it delivered to your door.
6-month subscription – only £21 (pay by debit/credit card)* or
3-month subscription – only £8.99 (Direct Debit only)*
(Full subscription price usually £46.20 per year.)
To take advantage of this VERY special price call FREE on 0800 917 8794 quoting ‘Facebook’.
*This offer is only until 5pm on Saturday 18th February. UK subscribers only. Terms & conditions apply.

If you want to take advantage of the deal, you’d better hurry your arse up because when it’s gone, it’s gone.

2 Responses to “A Special Deal for you.”
  1. Mel I’m like your auntie pit em back when ive read em lol

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