Your Tattoo Sucks.

I’m sure I’m not the only person around here who thinks that, if you exclude tattooer’s blogs, Tumblr is a great place to look online for really crappy tattoos. You know the ones, the crappy ones which were done in someone’s house, with about three paragraphs some chick as written alongside them to explain why it’s so meaningful to her or whatever.

Lately, though, I’ve been finding myself on Tumblr for the exact opposite, as some dandy chaps have been setting up blogs just to point out to everyone else what makes a good tattoo. I think it’s worth a mention on here, because they’re really hitting home to some people how much they should be thinking before they get tattooed, and that can never be a bad thing.

The first blog on my feed is Dermagraphique, which is run by a tattooer who won’t reveal their name. Sometimes, they’re really insightful and offer fantastic critique- other times, they’re doing that and being hilarious at the same time.

WHATTTTTTTTTT????????????????? Oh no big deal, I just have two of the same humming birds flying upside down and farting fire on my WHOLE LOWER ARMS

– Dermagraphique sees this picture.

Look, I’ve seen that ‘Fuck Yeah, Tattoos!’ website and I think it is stupid. It’s really great to see someone who is a tattooer pointing out to all of those people what makes a good tattoo, and how to go about making sure they don’t make any mistakes. I really love this blog, and you should too.

On the more offensive side of things, there’s ‘Fuck off Shit Tattoos’, which makes me laugh constantly. This groovy dude posts similar stuff to Dermagraphique, though they take no prisoners when it comes to really ripping a tattoo to shreds! I’m pretty sure the person who runs this is also a tattooer, but they’ve never confirmed it. I love how aggressive they are:

And hopefully you have learned that tattooing is harder than it looks. No either go back to art school or start a soon to fail t-shirt company you dumbass

– FOST sees this picture.

Honestly, it’s Monday and you all could do with some laughs, so I’d recommend taking a look at these websites. They’ll make you laugh, cry and hurl before you even get to page 2.

Click here for Dermagraphique

Click here for Fuck off Shit Tattoos

3 Responses to “Your Tattoo Sucks.”
  1. Thanks for the blog props Mel! I appreciate it.

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