The Australian Industry Awards: Cast Your Votes!

This morning, I had a mini heart attack as I learned that I have been nominated for an award! Wow! The Australian Tattoo Industry Awards, which are held at the Rites of Passage convention, have announced their nominees and your humble host actually has a nomination. I am actually amazed that people on the other side of the world even know who I am, nevermind think I’m any good at what I do, so I would like to start this post by saying a huge thank you. I am humbled, and rather excited. I live in England, where we say “it’s not the winning, it’s the taking part!”, so I would like to thank everyone who has enabled me to take part. You all rule.

My ego aside, there are also some other great names who have a nomination that I think are pretty cool. Total Tattoo has a nomination for international magazine (which I hope you will all vote for!), as do Marisa Kakoulas, Travelin’ Mick and Tattoo Artist Magazine.

You can click here to vote for your favourites!

Here’s the full list:

Best Australian female tattoo artist

Kat Ratcliffe – Iron Flamingo Tattoos VIC

Mimsy – Mimsy’s Trailor Trash QLD

Ally Riley – Dangerzone Tattoo VIC

Hana Li Tek – East Brunswick Tattoos VIC

Anna Day – Westside Tattoo QLD

Best international female tattoo artist

Jo Harrison – UK

Laura Satana – FR

Hannah Aitchison – US

Sabine Gaffron – DE

Best Australian male tattoo artist

Nick Lissarague – Alien Art Tattoo NSW

Craig Reily – Dangerzone Tattoo VIC

Jason Stewart – Shinto Tattoos VIC

Owen Williams – Tama Tattoo VIC

Josh Todaro – Irezumi Ink Tattoo Studio VIC

Best international male tattoo artist

Nick Baxter – Trancend Tattoo US

Shigenori Iwasaki (Shige) – Yellowblaze JPN

Jeff Gogue – Excellent Tattoo Studio US

Stewart Robson – Frith Street Tattoo UK

Mike Devries – MD Tattoo Studio US

Best Australian tattoo magazine

Inked Magazine Australia/NZ

Custom Tattooz

Tattoo Revival Magazine

Tattoos Down Under Magazine

Best international tattoo magazine

Tattoo Artist Magazine

Total Tattoo Magazine

Skin & Ink Magazine

Tattoo Revolution Magazine

Best tattoo photographer Australia

Nicole Reed – A Shot Away

Darrin Acreman – Inkshots Photography

Best tattoo photographer international

Travelin’ Mick – Germany

Doralba Picerno – Italy

Best online resource Australia

Wicked Tattoo – –

Best online resource international

Sketch Theatre –

Hyperspace Studios –

Best Tattoo Sites –

Tattoodles –

Tattoo Artist Magazine –

Best tattoo journalist Australia

Jai Kirchen – Tattoos Down Under

Vanessa Morgan – Inked Magazine Australia

Best tattoo journalist international

Travelin’ Mick – Germany

Marisa Kakoulas – Needles & Sins US

Mel Noir – Total Tattoo Magazine UK

Neil Dallywater – Tattoo Revolution UK

Once again, you can click here for voting and information. Good luck to everyone with a nomination!

2 Responses to “The Australian Industry Awards: Cast Your Votes!”
  1. undertaker says:

    Just voted…..good luck Mel

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