Goddess of Mercy

Sometimes, tattooers’ projects have such cool titles I don’t even have to think up a headline.

Goddess of Mercy is a new project which follows on from Dave Allen’s incredible fundraiser last year called Tattooers for Japan. If you read this blog last year, you probably heard loads about what tattooers were up to with trying to raise funds to help our friends in Japan who had suffered after the devestating events which took place (including an earthquake, tsunami and scary nuclear accidents). I actually still have the ‘Japan 2011’ page up on this site, at the top of the pages.

Dave is still a man on a mission, and he is still working hard on raising money at a time when a lot of people have forgotten about what happened. His new project is an art show, called Goddess of Mercy. This won’t be on the huge scale Tattooers for Japan was, however I’m sure it will be as successful.

From Dave:

For this event I was inspired by Luke Atkinson’s Fudo art shows and thought using Kannon as a theme was very fitting.
I’ll need some help getting this together and will post here to keep everyone up to date on progress.
I will me contacting artists directly to participate. I will ask you all to delve into your network of tattoo artists from around the globe to convince them to contribute.
I will also be researching a new avenue for delivering funds to to Japan! Maybe something more grass roots and project specific.
I look forward to hearing from you all and putting together another successful fundraiser for our comrades in Japan!

If you are interested, you can add yourself to a Facebook group Dave has set up, here. You can also see a really impressive artist list on there already.

This project is still in its baby steps, and already it looks astounding. I would like to wish Dave all the best, and I’ll be making sure I keep you all updated on what happens with this.

2 Responses to “Goddess of Mercy”
  1. Wow! Thanks again for helping get the word out. I am always amazed what gets done when we put time and energy into a project. One person can do a lot, but together we can do amazing things. You’re the best!

    • Mel Noir says:

      Dave, you never have to thank me. :) I’m just really happy someone like yourself has the motivation and organisation to put something like this together. I seriously hope for great things for your new project. :)

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