The Eight Arms.

Since our mate Jinxi shared something with us this week, I am more willing to share things about her newest project. Haha, I’m kidding, this is cool. Jinxi has started a new endeavour called the Eight Arms Project. Basically, she’s collecting artwork, poetry, sculpture… any kind of mental shit, that all revolve around everyone’s favourite creature with eight legs.

Why octopi? I’ll leave you with Jinxi for that one:

After throwing the idea around with my colleagues, it soon became apparent that this beautiful creature was a true source of artistic inspiration for many, and it seemed that everyone I spoke to about the project wanted to be a part. An added incentive for getting involved is that 10% of the profits from book sales will go towards arts education and keeping creativity alive in schools, through an incredible charitable organization called that connects donors to classrooms in need.

I know fine well so many of you guys are capable of doing something great for this, so get on it! Here’s the guidelines:

1) Draw, paint, tattoo, sketch, photograph, sculpt, sew, build, carve, write a poem about, crochet, design a piece of jewelry, bead, woodwork, knit, etc., a piece of artwork that focuses on the octopus. *May include previously completed pieces.

2) Take a clear photo of your artwork and email a high-resolution photo to:
*Discs can also be sent via snail mail to the address provided below

3) Print out & sign this release form and either email a photo or PDF file of the signed, scanned copy OR mail it via snail mail to:

Out of Step Books
℅ Jinxi Caddel
PO Box 2652
Riverside, CA 92516

4) Submission deadline is April 6, 2012.

Right, everyone… go!

Oh, and make sure to click here for more information.



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