Advice for Beginning Tattooers, by Jason Lambert

Above tattoo is by Jason Lambert… duh.

Today this has been doing the rounds on my Facebook news feed. A lot of the time, people post up boring crap on Facebook that I think is lame, but this time it’s something cool, so I’d be stupid not to encourage it.

Jason Lambert’s blog is pretty cool. He’s a crazy awesome tattooer, but he has a lot of wisdom in that head of his as well. Today, he posted up some advice for beginning tattooers. I think apprentices go through a lot of shit sometimes, and a lot of it is shit they put themselves through because they want to be the best so much. From the blog post:

3. There are trends in tattooing, and you will follow them.

There are years that owls are popular and there are years that fairies are popular and no matter how cool and unique you are, you will be doing these trends. You could be the most exclusive, visionary, custom tattooer in the history of tattooing and you will find yourself wanting to do a lighthouse tattoo because you saw 15 of them on people’s arms around town. The trick is not to try to force a client out of their idea, it is to bring your own signature into that image. Doing the 300th switch blade tattoo is only dumb if you are looking at the last guys version of it and doing the same thing instead of drawing your own.

The whole thing is pretty cool, and makes for great reading. Check out the whole thing here.

Also, if you’re a new tattooer and you’d like to share anything, please feel free to share it with the site- it’s your site too.

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