Brighton Convention TOMORROW!

Danny London Brown drew the above picture and posted it to the Brighton Convention Facebook page. Check out more of his work here.

Tomorrow is the Brighton Convention! Shit, that came around really quickly. There are some really great tattooers working there, some of them you’ll have seen on the pages of this website, some of them you just know of anyway because they’re really cool. Here’s an artists list. There are also live bands, seminars, and an art gallery. There is a great tattoo competition run by Total Tattoo, too. The show is really great, and you will love it.

My Facebook Gossip machine (or ‘news feed’, whatever) tells me that loads of tattooers have now set up their spaces, loads are heading down as we speak, and they will be ready for you guys bright and early tomorrow.

If you live nearby and you haven’t looked into attending yet (hurry up man), please click here for the website!

I was stupid enough to make plans to go with my now ex boyfriend (you’re a dick, Peewee!) so I won’t be making it this year- I’d still love it if you guys could send in some pictures next week and let me know what you loved about it. Videos would also be welcomed. Do my job for me, please.

I would also like to wish organiser Woody the best of luck for a great weekend! Have fun, everyone!

One Response to “Brighton Convention TOMORROW!”
  1. nice, i have one too, please see in my blog, thanks

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