Mel Watches Inkmasters

Before I start, I’d like to draw something to the attention of whoever updates the Inkmaster Facebook page: this is Tattoosday, check yourself before you wreck yourself!

Joking aside, let’s get on with today’s post.

So, for a while now I’ve been hearing about this Inkmasters show. Basically, Oliver Peck, Chris Nunez and Dave Navarro (I don’t know why either) have rounded up 10 tattooers, and they give them challenges and judge their work every week. One tattooer gets eliminated each week, until there’s one ‘Ink Master’ left.

I have to say, I really wanted to like this thing, if only for Oliver Peck, who I really like- they seem to have cut out 99% of what he’s said though, so I’ll be as brutal as I want.

Firstly, I should probably tell you that we started off with the idea of making this post into a video, where I actually watch the show. If we did, you’d get the show with a lot of laughing, so it’s a good job we didn’t do that. It’s just so hard to take this show seriously when they say “raw talent” every five seconds. It cracks me up too much and I miss half of what they’re saying.

First off I don’t like a lot of the contestants on this. I don’t really think whoever wins this can say they’re a master of anything. Put the winner up against tattooers like Bob Roberts, Grime or Chris O’Donnell, then tell me if they’re a master. I think I like about two or three of the contestants- the rest I just think are whiney and aren’t that great.

Secondly, I don’t like the format of the show. What’s with all these timed challenges, and making the guys tattoo dead pigs in a freezer? I’m pretty sure the best tattooers have never had to do that, why make these guys do it? It just seems weird. I don’t think many people would like how dramatic the show is either, but I kind of liked that just for the fact I’d have been bored without it.

There is one thing I do like about this show, which is the end- Oliver, Chris and Dave basically look at the tattooers’ work and rip it to shreds. I like that, not only for the fact I like that they’re not praising bad work, but because a lot of people who love these kinds of shows are people who deserve to be shown what makes a good tattoo. We don’t see that often in these shows, so Inkmasters does excel in that.

Overall I think this show isn’t that great and I won’t watch another one any time soon, unless they replace the contestants and put Oliver Peck in the spotlight properly, because they’ve clearly missed something by leaving out that guy’s comments on tattooing.

Really though, that “raw talent” shit just makes me laugh.

Watch the show online here.

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