Art History in the Pub- Newcastle.

Hey guys, I just wanted to give you all a heads up on something cool. I’ve known about this for a while (and may have already told you all about it, but I don’t remember), but I thought I’d post something closer to the date of the event, so you wouldn’t forget.

Anyway, my partner in Total Tattoo crime, Matt Lodder (who is totally not posing in the above photo), is going to be speaking at a cool event in Newcastle next month. The event, as part of Newcastle Skeptics in the Pub, is called ‘A Sceptical Look at Media Perceptions of Tattooing in the West’. Basically, Matt will be talking about his own research he’s done as part of his doctoral thesis, and will be challenging the way the media sees tattoos. If you’re familiar with Matt’s work, you’re familiar with these ideas, and it should be a really cool way to explore them a little deeper and even bring along your own ideas as we all discuss it afterwards. Plus, there’ll be beer.

The event takes place on the 8th of February. It should be a lot of fun, and we’ll be there at The Bridge Hotel (which is pretty much slap bang between Monument and the Quayside, fellow geordies) from around 7PM. I can’t promise how long Matt and I will stay sober, however.

Here’s the event details on Facebook. Let’s drink, let’s party. It would be really cool to see you guys there. Matt is a cool guy with good ideas, let’s all have a listen to them.

7 Responses to “Art History in the Pub- Newcastle.”
  1. kidkimura says:

    I’m in Newcastle to get tattooed the weekend before, so close! Sounds awesome though. Least I can see Matt do his thing at Brighton.

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