FYI: Cosmic Tattoo Rules.

Hey guys, I just want to give you all a heads up about this really great tattoo studio called Cosmic Tattoo. I’m pretty sure many people have already heard of it in the UK. It’s located in Colchester, Essex, and houses some amazing tattooers- namely, Leigh Oldcorn, Sim Abbott, Pinky Darling and Alan Aldred. I told you guys about this studio the other week when I let you know our mate Alan works there now, but I’m aware that I didn’t really tell you about the studio itself. So, let’s have a little bit of a “this shop is cool, check them out” kind of post today.

Cosmic Tattoo is the kind of studio where you can tell only the best work walks out of the door. There seems to be a good mix between everyone of traditional, Japanese and realism tattoos, though they seem like pretty all-round tattooers. You may have already seen their work around, and if you haven’t you need to! It’s getting to a point in tattooing at the moment where loads of people are opening up shops everywhere, where there’s one great tattooer and a few inferior ones who are just there to pay the bills for the owner, so it’s always a refreshing change right now when you see a studio where every tattooer is really great.

They’re also one of those studios that do the full whack- they offer laser removal and piercing as well, and their piercer, Dickie Twiddler, seems great, too. They’ve even got a bitchin’ sofa in there which was made by a dude on Pimp My Ride UK- no shit!

Overall, I think Cosmic Tattoo is a really fantastic studio, and that if you’re stuck for ideas on who you want to tattoo you next, you should check them out. You can see loads of their work on Facebook here, and below there are some pictures of my personal favourites by the guys.

Leigh Oldcorn

Sim Abbott

Pinky Darling

Alan Aldred

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