Worst Tattooer EVER!

If I have seen, say, 10 tattoos online every day that I’ve been writing, that would mean that in total I’ve seen over 10,000 tattoos already. If you add in around 30 new ones a month from magazines, that’s an extra 1,000. Add in around 20 a month from seeing people around or in my friend’s tattoo studio, and that’s another 720. Add that altogether and you get nearly 12,000 tattoos which I have probably seen, just for the last three years.

Now bear in mind that I can confidently say that the following tattoos are some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen in my life. Yeah, it’s pretty bad when I put it like that!

There’s this profile of a “tattooer” who’s been doing the rounds on Facebook between loads of tattooers I know called Synyster Ink. I know, I’m appalled at that spelling, too. I took a look, and in all honesty I have to say this guy has done some of the worst tattoos I have ever seen in my life. I really hope that this is just someone who’s playing a joke, though I can’t seem to see anything in the pictures which say that they’re fake.

I just wanted to draw this to your attention because:

a) It’s funny.

b) It may show some idiots what happens when you get your friend to give you some “siq tatz” instead of going to see a real tattooer

and c) it’s funny.

Don’t be a moron, get a tattoo in a proper studio- otherwise, you may end up with one of the worst tattoos… ever!

Here’s a couple of my favourites (if I can call them that). See more here, and check out the funny status updates as well.


2 Responses to “Worst Tattooer EVER!”
  1. spug5ter says:

    I shared this on facebook as well; I’ve got to agree, it is funny and I hope it deters anyone from going to this idiot (or similar) – if it’s fake, it’s very good – just look at the swelling/redness – ouch!

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