Graham’s Backpiece Tattoo

I’ve been sent a really cool submission this week, and I need to share it with you all.

I get sent videos a lot. A lot of the time they’re not really sent in by people who have any interest in tattooing, and they’re done on someone’s phone. I guess it’s the whole “I’m cool look at me” thing they’re going for. I mean, I appreciate people taking the time to show me that kind of stuff, but they’re always unusable for the site, because you can’t make out the video. The videos Luke T. Holley sent me this week, however, are completely different.

This video follows Darcy Nutt, who is an amazing tattooer working at Chalice Tattoo Studio in Idaho. This is kind of an evolution process of the backpiece she’s tattooing on her client Graham. The videos are short and sweet, but capture it all brilliantly. Each video is one session, so as you can imagine the backpiece isn’t finished yet. Luke says he will send in the videos as they come in.

Anyway, this is a really nice change to some of the videos on YouTube and stuff, so you can check it out below:

Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5

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  1. […] extremely talented Luke Holley sent us a video he made of Darcy Nutt tattooing a whole backpiece (here). Now, Luke is back, and he has another really cool video of the guys at Papa Joe’s building […]

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