Alan Aldred’s New Digs

Alan Aldred is a cool tattooer who you guys seem to really love. After giving his first ever interview to us, it’s become a pretty popular corner of this website. You’ll be pleased to know, then, that Alan has some news for us all. There’s no need to re-word what he said, it’s pretty black and white:

Of course it's not a real screen shot.

Any of you guys who live near Colchester will probably already know that Cosmic Tattoo really rocks, and having Alan there just makes it even better. Get down and book in! I’ve been tattooed by Alan, and you can have my word that not only is it a lot of fun to get a tattoo from him, you’ll end up with something that looks awesome, too.

Alan also has some toilet seats and skateboards he’s painted recently. I don’t know why he’s chosen to paint toilet seats either, but they’re going to fill up some of the wall space in his new corner of the tattoo world. With that being said, Alan said if anyone wants something like this from him for their own studio or home, to contact him through Facebook for a chat! Here are some awesome ones with skulls on them, which is just what you need in your bathroom (really, I want one when I move):

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