Book Review: The Black Seas of Infinity

I told you guys before Christmas that Dan Henk has a book now called The Black Seas of Infinity. Well, I managed to read it on my time off… and at work… and on the bus. Basically, this book has been everywhere with me, as with most books I read. In all honesty, I couldn’t put it down. It doesn’t even look like a book I would love- just look at this cover, this is the geekiest looking book I have ever read:

Of course, as you know, I already knew what it was about and that I actually love this kind of stuff. Work was quiet the other week, so I took full advantage and opened the covers.

“Mel, this is the quietest you have ever been”, my mate Sam said.

That should probably tell you how good this book is.

I don’t want to give too much away about this book, but if you didn’t catch anything about this before, this is basically a book about this guy who’s crazy-smart, who works for the government on the alien spaceships which land on Earth. He’s assigned a project where he has to study a strange alien, which landed with two pods in the ship. After years of working, and even being re-located for being too good at his job, he makes the realisation that the alien isn’t an alien at all- that thing is a suit! An amazingly strong suit which makes the person inside (whose real body is separated from them when they put it on) pretty much invincible. Does he go back and get the suit? You betcha he does.

Of course, Dan writes it in a way that sounds a lot better than that, and the story continues from there. Like I said, I don’t want to give things away. For those of you who are really just fans of Dan’s tattooing and artwork, you should still read it, as there are loads of pictures in this too. Here’s a cool one:

This book is written perfectly, it’s exciting and it has motherfucking aliens in it. It’s absolutely fantastic. I really hope that Dan writes more books like this, because I would read every one of them. If you like your literature to be exciting and suspenseful, this is the book for you. This isn’t for fans of that chick lit crap. Make sure you buy this book, it rocks.

Oh by the way, Dan also wants you guys to know that The Black Seas of Infinity is now on, and you can find it here. From there, you can order a copy of the book.  Dan has an account on there, so you can even check out which books he reads himself and other little bits and pieces like that. Dan’s official site is here.

3 Responses to “Book Review: The Black Seas of Infinity”
  1. kidkimura says:

    It’s also free for kindle download :)

    • Mel Noir says:

      You are correct, my good man! I’m not sure if that promotion is still running, but you should try it out, and also give it a review on amazon, because Dan deserves good praise for it. I’ll be uploading my review there later on too!

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