All This Convention Stuff.

Everyone I know has been going mental about this. A new tattoo convention (if you’d like to call it that!) in London has always sounded like a shit idea, and as soon as I heard it’s a tattoo/fashion show, I didn’t think it was real and laughed my little geordie head off. Well, it is, and it’s once again a Stuart Mears nightmare brought to life by a lovely team of dimwitted bastards.

I won’t try explaining, I’ll leave that to the mighty Chad Koeplinger, who put it perfectly:

It has come to my attention that there is another leech trying to cash in on tattooing trying to make another convention in London. There is only one London tattoo convention, the one put on by miki Vialetto in October. If you have any respect at all for tattooing you will not participate and boycott “the great British tattoo show”, and skin deep magazine in general. It’s the equivalent of wallmart. Absolutely what tattooing does not need. If you support this show in anyway please do not have anything to do with me.

Miki Vialetto, the organiser of the ONLY real London convention, also had some words to share, which you can see here. They’re eloquently written and worth your time. The letter is on Tattoo Artist magazine’s blog, which you can see in full here (sorry, John!).

Boycotting this show, in my opinion, isn’t exactly the worst thing you can do. I think things like this are pathetic. They take the piss out of tattooers and those who have tattoos, nevermind those who already put hard work into the real London Convention. I think you guys would be doing yourselves a favour if you decided not to attend this. I wanted to make you guys aware, because there’s always someone who doesn’t know about these kinds of things and accidentally winds up putting money into the wrong hands.

In all honesty though, I’m not sticking up for Stuart Mears, but I don’t think he’s the only person who does this kind of thing. Why not boycott their shows, too? Why not decide to only give your money, presence and good will to conventions that deserve it? I know Mears isn’t the only person who’s setting up a convention in a location where there already is one. I also know he isn’t the only one who holds abysmal conventions. Vote with your feet.

Anyway, I’m going to shut up before some tattooed ‘businessman’ sues me. Take a look at Miki’s blog post though, I’d just like to bring this to your attention.

Oh, and no, I won’t be going to the dogshit Fake London Convention or writing about it. You can expect stuff about the Real London Convention next year, though.

18 Responses to “All This Convention Stuff.”
    • Mel Noir says:

      Thanks, I was wondering what I should write/laugh about today. I like your post which belittles a tattooer I know and accuses him of something many people actually would thank him for- goofnugget!

      • Klark says:

        Should we thank Mick for actively supporting a right wing ethno-nationalist party, too Mel? He’s right there on the leaked BNP list. I do hope you aren’t busy chiselling a new pedestal for such a man without doing your research. If so, I am sure a tabloid newspaper is just waiting to hire you.

        • Mel Noir says:

          I did not hear about that, Klark. I’m assuming I didn’t bother to look into it because it has absolutely sod all to do with tattooing, but then what do I know? I’m just tabloid fodder, apparently. ;)

          Honestly though, if you were going to bother with a really pathetic argument against my own views, you could have at least commented on the correct post- there is no mention of Mick in this one. Dumbass.

          • Mel Noir says:

            Oh, and just to clear up, because I’ve realised just there how uneducated people may read that- by “my views”, I mean my views about this convention bullshit. I don’t support the BNP myself, but that would be completely irrelevant in this context. I know that’ll seem really obvious to a lot of people who see this, but clearly to some that matters (if you’re clutching at straws trying to pick faults with people you clearly don’t know very well).

        • Mick McCormack says:

          So who is this “Klark”? Another sad little keyboard warrior without a face, do us all a favour and find a really high bridge and take a jump. Yes my name is on the list as an ex member, note the “ex” as opposed to “active” as you posted. So what? Everyone who has half a brain, unlike you, should look at all political options as indeed I have. You sound like one of those sad little sheeple who keep the blinkers firmly on and just do as you are told. I made an even bigger political mistake if you would like to start spreading another tale. To my eternal shame I was one of the idiots that voted Labour in. My humble advice to “Klark” or should I call you Stuart? Do your research before posting drivel. Then again you could always get a job with your talent working for a tabloid newspaper.

          • Klark says:

            Ashamed of voting for a MOR political party, but not for a far right extremist one? It doesn’t say ‘ex’ on the list, Mick. Still dreaming of a White Christmas? Peace to you, too.

            • Mel Noir says:

              Klark, it’s Christmas Eve and you’re actually sad enough to be posting drivel on here about someone you clearly haven’t even met before. I don’t even have to say anything else, to be honest.

              Turn around and tell Stuart I said hi, eh? Biff.

            • Mick McCormack says:

              “Klark” I would be far more impressed if you used your real name buy hey ho, like all of your kind you are spineless. I am not ashamed about anything that I have ever done as all of the wrongs that I did in my early life have more than been made up for by my subsequent deeds. I love the idea of a white Christmas that is why I have just purchased a second home in the desert, snow seriously messes with my life. No doubt you will continue to try and bait me with puerile and ill informed comments. I look forward to them. We all need a little levity in our lives. I will presume that MOR means middle of the road. That really is a lazy way of conversing, not really that shocking given the level that you choose to debate on. I would wager that you have been on one of those daytime television programmes where the losers get to argue over who is actually the Father of the tracksuit wearing Mothers child. Labour is far from a middle of the road party. It is a complete and utter danger to the freedom of the citizens of our country. More restrictive and oppressive laws were passed against the populace under that particular bunch of Marxist fools than any other government in recent history.

              In conclusion I would suggest that you have a very merry Christmas and possibly carry on ingesting whatever drugs you obviously enjoy injecting :)

  1. Please credit Tattoo Artist Magazine as your source above for the link to Miki’s letter. Thanks.


    Tattoo Artist Magazine
    Web Content Editor/Social Media Director

  2. Mel Noir says:

    My pal Rat is a really amazing artist who knows a lot about this kind of stuff. He tried to comment, but it wouldn’t go through. Here it is for you though!

    “without prejudice……as im sure my name is bound to come up here eventually stuart,allow me to jump that particular spite of your beliefs about me,my argument with you arose over comments you made about me and others on your forum after banning me for suggesting that members contacted gray silva directly when they were asking why he had been banned and noone at jazz was answering them.believe it or not at this point in time i knew nothing of the whole ‘alledged dodgy dealings conspiracy’or however you wish to describe say above ”you want answers…im right here ask me”…..we had several phone calls,in which you asked me to meet you,at tattoo jam and then barred me entering…admitted you had made accusations about me publicly that were nt strictly true but refused my offer of mutual public apology….you talk of threats and bullying,i still have screen captures of you saying ”be carefeul,blah blah,modern technology,blah blah,i know where you live”…i took that as a direct threat against my home and family(i too have children,tho i dont display them like a politician caught with his pants down)..then after the allegations of dubious business dealings in your past,and my completely legally down loading your figures from companys house we spoke again and you did nt answer any of my questions about those figures except to tell me that in spite of them being stamped by your solicitor and signed by you they were incorrect and companys house had it all wrong(extremely unlikely in my opinion)… then sent me(and many others)threatening letters from your specialist solicitor,who i had a long and very interesting conversation with,where it would appear by the questions he was asking me,you may not have been completely forthright with him either…..anyway,i believe i have given you every chance to put me right about any of the things i have said publicly about all of this,and said i would apologise publicly if proved wrong about any of it….its been 18mths since the solicitors letters and….nothing.
    i would also like to state i have never acted from a personal perspective only acting in what i see as the best interests of tattooing as a whole and as a thing i ,along with many others and the shoulders of those we stand upon have created. i have always written or spoken from the heart and as far as i know completely honestly.

    sincerely…rat,tattoo artist”

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