Awesome Crap People Send Me.

Today I thought I’d ease you into the week with a couple of funny and cool stories people have sent me lately. I get sent many links, mainly from friends, that always raise an eyebrow or two. Really, this should be called “a look at Mel Noir’s Facebook page”, haha. Anyway, I thought you guys would like these.

Jen Puts a Face to that tattoo

Jen (or Smashead, as cool people call her) sits next to me at work, and she rocks. She sent me this link the other day that made me smile. Everyone has seen the cool dolphin tattoo on a guy called Heine’s amputated arm. However, most of us have only seen the picture itself. Jen put a face to the tattoo the other day, when she sent this link in! It turns out Heine here lost his arm in an accident on a train track as a child, and the stump always looked like a dolphin- hence the cool tattoo. I think this is pretty cool, thanks Smashead! :)

The Sun is crap and doesn’t let you use their photos- I’m guessing a screen cap is alright though? Click on this to get to the story.

Copey’s Crappy Backpiece

My friend Copey Baby sent me this great story lately, and I still don’t know whether to laugh or grimmace. You may have already seen this story too, however I didn’t write about it at the time because I couldn’t really tell whether it was real or not. Turns out this is definitely true. This story is about a tattooer named Ryan Fitzgerald, who found out his girlfriend Rossie was cheating on him. Instead of freaking out, he pretended nothing was wrong, then tattooed this on her back after she was convinced she was getting a Narnia themed backpiece. Ouch, talk about a bad break up. Cheers Copey Baby, you always know where to find that sweet spot between amusement and horror. Again, click the picture for the link.

Mondays always suck, so I thought a couple of these classic stories might make you feel better about the day you’ve probably had. Speaking of awesome crap people send me, I would like to take a quick opportunity to thank both Total Tattoo and Dan Henk for letting the postman make me happy today. I’ll be drinking this wine and reading this book, and you guys can all expect a review of Dan’s book very soon!

Smile- it’s almost Tuesday!

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