How Not to do a Guest Spot.

Regular readers will know by now that tattooer Alan Aldred is an all round awesome guy. He was just up here in Newcastle last week doing a guest spot at Inkslingers, where he gave me the wonderful tattoos you can see below this post. While he was here, he tried to keep a day to day diary of his guest spot, and failed in the most brilliant way. For your pleasure, ladies and gents:

Day to day diary


14.33 just got on train to Ipswich where I have to change for another train to Peterborough, so far no massive fuck ups with the luggage but I can tell that today’s going to be fairly hard work having to lug all this shit about! Can hopefully pick up a magazine or two once I’m in Peterborough for the main journey “up north”.

This was the beginning and the end of the day to day diary! The weekend consisted of multiple hotel changes due to poor planning and fuck ups from travel websites! Ridiculous amounts of alcohol drank pretty much every evening. Making friends with great people and sadly having to leave. Not to mention the odd tattoo here or there. If your gonna guest spot don’t do it under the pretence your gonna make a killer profit or even cover your costs. Do it for the sheer experience, even if it’s only a weekend or a two week stay somewhere you’ll have the time of your life! Definitely making friends for life and having stories to tell on your return!

Originally I was gonna write a piece entitled “How not to guest spot” just due to the sheer fuck ups that were made with hotels etc. However looking back on it I wouldn’t have changed my stay In Newcastle at all, if everything had gone 100% to plan then where the fucks the fun in that.


Alan Aldred
Tattooer / Painter
Diablo Ink
32 St Peter Street



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