Congratulations, House of MoJo!

Hi guys, this is my first post ever on an iPhone. My laptop has been turning itself on and off since I got it back from my ex (thanks, bell end!), so it’s MacBook time this week. Until that comes, I really apologise if any posts don’t really look right on a computer.

Anyway, the House of Mojo studio in Truro raised a load of money again this year for their annual Movember. Every year they do this, and it’s awesome. Movember, if you don’t already know, is a charity event where loads of men will grow their beard all month for charity, and it raises awareness for prostate cancer. Of course, it was inevitable that at least one cool tattooer would think, “why only keep it for a month?”. The events run pretty much the same as any other charity event in a studio, where customers get tattoos from the chosen flash and donate the money to a charity.

This year, the House of Mojo guys raised a beastly £666, which is absolutely brilliant! I’d like to say congratulations to the guys for such a great day.

Tim was kind enough to let me use some of the pictures he took so I can show you, so here are some cool shots from the day. You should give House of Mojo a search on Facebook to see some great work.






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