A Complex History of Tattooed Comic Book Characters

I love tattoos, and I love comics, so even though I try not to cover much that other tattoo blogs talk about, I couldn’t pass this one up. There’s a great feature on Complex Media right now, which was posted up on Needles and Sins the other day, called A Complex History of Tattooed Comic Book Characters– and it’s awesome. A massive list, just for us geeks, of some of the best tattooed characters in plastic covers.

I’ll admit now, I think the order is all mixed up- Popeye is #50! I’d have placed him first! Dr Manhattan is in a decent place, as his tattoo is very small, but extremely cool. I don’t understand why Spider Jerusalem is #12, I thought he’d be in the top five, but at least X Men’s Colossus is in the top 10! The list as a whole is cool, although the #1 spot was a real disappointment and I have the feeling halfway through somewhere the guy who put it together wanted to see loads of pictures of busty characters with a couple of tiny tattoos, haha.

If you’re wondering, this will always be my personal favourite:

Check out the whole list here– have fun!

One Response to “A Complex History of Tattooed Comic Book Characters”
  1. kidkimura says:

    That is awesome! Though I agree the order is totally messed up, Popeye’s anchors are by far most iconic tattoos in comic history. As well as the first!

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