Tattoo Age, and the Godfathers of Tattooing.

Tattoo Age’s newest Freddy Corbin episode is out now online, and it’s absolutely astounding. It features tales not only about Freddy, but Ed Hardy, Dan Higgs, Sonny Tufts and other great tattooers, to make it the most fascinating episode of the whole series. In this episode, Freddy goes back to the $75 tax return that got Freddy his first tattoo, up to the phone call from Ed Hardy asking if he wanted to work with him. It’s a really great period of Freddy’s life to be talking about.

One thing I thought that was really cool was that Freddy talked a little about the 80s post punk tattoos, and how many people were using a lot of heavy blackwork in their tattoos during the time, until people like Sonny Tufts helped bring back traditional tattooing to many people. If you’re like me, and weren’t there at the time, you’ve probably noticed that every single book or series of tattooer’s tales about traditional tattooing kind of skip over the 80s and even the 90s depending on where you’re from, and you’re left wondering why at times. In this, Freddy talks about how traditional tattooing was brought back into the limelight a little during the time, and how it was when he was right there as it was happening. I found it pretty fascinating to be honest, especially since it’s from someone who was there.

There are also some cool tales about Freddy’s ‘apprenticeship’, those who helped him along the way, and his backpiece from Ed Hardy. It’s a great episode, and you need to see it. Thankfully, you can just check it out below! I’ll also fix our playlist on YouTube soon.

Also, make sure you check out Tattoo Age’s new competition on Twitter, where you can win an incredible print by Dan Santoro.  All you have to do is tweet a pic of “your worst tattoo” to @Tattoo_Age in order to win!

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