Awesome Flash from Dave Winn!

Hey everyone, sorry for the lack of updates, but I saw one of my favourite bands last night after waiting a decade, so I didn’t think you’d mind! I’ll have the usual kind of stuff up here very soon, but before then, I thought I’d share with you this really cool flash I was sent last week. Dave Winn very kindly sent this to my house, and I think it’s really cool! If Dave’s name is familiar, it’s because I talked about the studio he works at, Get Holes Emporium, just the other week here, when they had a Halloween event.

Anyway, I wanted to just share this and say thank you very much to Dave- this is really cool! Click the image below for a better look.

One Response to “Awesome Flash from Dave Winn!”
  1. Dave winn says:

    Thanks for this …..glad you like the flash
    if anybody else wants one let me know.

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