Giz’s Prints: First Look.

I love showing you guys shit no one else can. I bet you love it too, otherwise you’d just read another website that goes on about how tattoos are “totally fine art”, how much some realism tattoo “looks JUST LIKE a photo!” or some other boring shit. Today is one of those cool days where I can tell you no one’s seen this shit before.

My good man Giz Barcellone sent me this photo yesterday, of some of the first prints he’s ever made. Giz is a really cool guy, and I guess he’s an alright tattooer as well, haha. These new prints really rock, and they’ll look mighty fine in your house or your studio. They’re A4 prints, so you’ll have no bother finding a frame to fit it in, and there are only 10 of these in the world. The price? 10 pounds, plus shipping. Brilliant! These are more than a bargain, and I can see them going quickly, so hurry up and get one as soon as you can.

To snap up one of these prints, simply head to Giz’s page on Facebook here and send him a message. If you don’t have Facebook, feel free to fill in the contact form on our site and I’ll pass it on for you.

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