Matt Lodder in Total Tattoo this Month!

Hey everyone, sorry for the delay with posts, but it was my birthday yesterday, so I took a cheeky day off!

Today I received my copy of this month’s Total Tattoo magazine, and jumped straight to Matt and I’s little section of the magazine to read about what he had to say this month. He didn’t disappoint, not at all.

If you don’t already know, Matt Lodder is a tattooed art historian, who knows more about tattooing’s history than most of the people I know. He’s a top guy, and his articles are always fascinating. This month, he talks about something he’s always been interested in, which is the media’s perception of tattooing’s popularity. It’s a really great read, and I think Matt has made our opinions corner even better. What a fantastic debut!

I subscribe to Total Tattoo, so I have no idea when it’s out- if you can keep an eye out for it, that’d be great. I’d certainly recommend it. This month’s issue also has some really great stuff in it, like coverage of the London Convention and a little interview with Dan Stone, among other cool things. Buy it, or be uncool forever. Your choice.

Apologies for the lame iPhone picture as the header image, and also thank you to Total’s assistant editor James for the kind mention in his editorial. :)

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